• How about the performance of water-borne resin defoamer

    2019-03-22 880

      Resin is affected by various factors in the process, there will always be bubbles of different sizes. If these bubbles are not eliminated in time, the appearance and quality of products will be seriously affected. For a useful solution to this bubble problem, Jiangmen Cohesion recommends that you use water-borne resin defoamer.

      Maybe some people don't know what water-borne resin is. In fact, water-borne resin is a new kind of resin system which uses water instead of organic solvent as dispersing medium. That is to say, water is fused with water to form an aqueous solution. When water evaporates, resin moulding material is formed for people to use. The water-borne resin we use is not itself, but a membrane material which needs to be evaporated from water.

      (1) It is very soluble in water, especially suitable for defoaming of oil-phase foaming system, and the product has good stability.

      (2) It is well compatible with organic hydrocarbons. Participating in the oily system does not affect the transparency of the product and has certain leveling performance.

      (3) It can be used for defoaming and anti-foaming of oil systems such as epoxy resin, epoxy floor paint, oil-based ink UV ink, UV gloss oil, oil-based screen printing ink/lubricant/oil glue/oil fatliquoring agent, and the effect is remarkable.

      The article originated from waterborne resin manufacturer: http://www.stjohnsdr.org/